AX Marketing

2021 Junior Advertising Directors

Full-Time in United States

AX Marketing is hiring for multiple positions. This is a paid internship/job. We are hiring Junior Advertising Directors for multiple positions. Pay depends on which position you are hired for. If you are relocating for the summer you will be eligible for travel expenses to the area, furnished housing, and training bonus.

We are looking for motivated self-starters who enjoy creative methods of marketing. We market pest control for Orkin. Orkin is the largest pest control company in the world. The industry is booming! Don't miss out on another great opportunity. We provide luxury apartments for the summer and we pay for it. We also pay for your travel to your summer destination. We take care of your apartments for the summer and travel to your area.

We are a home servicing company. We specialize in Pest Control. About us: Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To our employees: Provide select individuals the best opportunity, tools, and support to reach their personal and financial goals.
  2. To our customers: Provide security and peace of mind through quality products, superior service, and honest representation.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability - We take responsibility for the results we produce.
  • Integrity - We keep our commitments and are honest in all our dealings.
  • Service - We unselfishly serve our customers and fellow associates.

Your Opportunity: While many companies in this industry come and go, AX Marketing is here to stay. Most other companies are strictly sales and marketing companies who sell their accounts. In addition, AX Marketing is committed to Core Values. The Core Values are not just something you read out of a handbook.

Everyone at AX Marketing –owners, managers, employees - are required to adhere to these important values, which are: Wouldn't you like to make enough money this summer, so you don't have to work during the entire fall and winter?

Imagine... ...discovering a company where the average employee makes more than $20,000 in only four months. ...working for a company where your efforts directly control your income. ...earning a paycheck based on what you personally produce. ...receiving rewards and recognition in addition to a healthy paycheck. We are AX Marketing.

Our home-to-home marketing efforts provide summer employment opportunities for highly motivated college-age students. At AX Marketing, in addition to the money, you will gain valuable attributes. You may be interested only in money. That's great …. but you'll inevitably leave with much more. We will teach you how to: Communicate, refine your personality, work with people, manage your time, master business skills, and generate sales. We are looking for someone with focus, determination and a disciplined work ethic. Do you have what it takes? Only at AX Marketing will you find everything in place to obtain your loftiest goals.

If you are motivated...someone who is willing to work hard...someone who is ambitious...someone who is not content earning a set may qualify to work with AX Marketing.

Just remember - "As long as you clock in and clock out, you will never get ahead."

Bottom Line Because we give you the best opportunity, tools, and support, you will sell more and make more with AX Marketing.

What to expect from us:

  • We don't expect anything from our employees that we haven't already done ourselves. AX Marketing's Management lives by AX Marketing's core values. We will follow through with everything to which we have committed. All commitments that we make to you will be put in writing. You will never have to worry about being treated unfairly. We know that our employees are what make AX Marketing successful.
  • We hire dedicated men and women who know how to work hard and understand the value of a dollar. Yes, there will be plenty of hard work, but the rewards will be equally great.
  • Those who are hired at AX Marketing will be expected to work a good, full-day, six days each week. The work schedule is rigorous but rewarding and fulfilling. It will begin two days after your finals are over and will end two days before your school starts up again.

With AX Marketing you can expect:

  • A highly efficient and integrated office to back you up.
  • The best trainers and managers in the industry to help get you running fast.
  • Success in a proven company with consistent growth.
  • Honesty and Integrity.